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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cognizant (CTS) Candidate Experience

If your interview in Any college then 1st round will in AMCAT CTS online Test.....If your interview in CTS office then direct f2f round..!!

Follow this patterns for AMCAT CTS ONLINE TEST...........
======== Shared by placed guy =======
CTS : AMCAT Test :
25 Verbal, 16 Quants and 14 Logical Reasoning
for maths prepare log and probility well rest question will be from profit , % and time and distance can say simple only just log question and probilities question need more attention and for english there will be 2 passage ( 8 questions very easy ) and 3,4 synonyms and 2 antonyms and some fill in the blanks and for technical prepare data strtucre like heap sort and tree and complexity and some code snippet only easy one to crack and for last part prepare from verbal rs aggarwal find the odd out and puzzle ( like 5 peopl wear 5 shirt and like 5 things have to solve such question 5 questions will be there so it's most important rest all is fine )
2nd Round : Techinical
Prepare Everything From Your Resume, From Objective to Hobbies. Be Confident While Answering
For CS and IT Guys Be Prepared With basic Java and C Questions and Also Coding Part Of Your Project.
For EC and EE and Others Explain Your Project In Detail When Asked and Prepare Basic C Programs Like Palindrome, Swap, Print Prime Number, Etc (Not Sure They'll Ask Only This).
In This Round They'll Check how Good Are You With Those U have Written in Resume And Your Confidence Level....
#‪#‎Be‬ Confident... That's What They Expect There
3rd Round: HR
Be Active and Speak Actively With HR and Prepare Some Basic HR Questions (Probability for rejection in this round is Less)
Jus Get On In TEch ROund And Wait For Offer Letter ...
CTS AMCAT Online Test pattern :-
Latest pattern for CTS drive
Total 55 Questions
-There is no technical questions or programs.Aptitude n Reasoning questions are very much easy as compare to english .
-Two passages will come from english , each carrying 3 marks . rest questions are from synonyms , fill in the blanks , sentence correction .
-Aptitude questions are very easy with simple arithmetic .
-Reasoning: 5 questions from "letter-and-symbol-series" , 5 questions will from "directions (ex. east to west , north to south , south to east .... with some distance ) " ... rest questions are very easy
Questions are MODERATE..U can crack it easily..but main thing is TIME MANGAMENT..
55 QUE ---------> 55 MIN .
ENGLISH ----25mins ,
quanta ---> 16 min ..
Reasoning ---> 14min..
I got English passage in words of MICRO FINANCE POVERTY (author descrption related passage ..search for it in google) and ques
1. 0.009/x = 0.01 then x = ??
2.number which divided by 16,18,20,25 and leaves remainder 4 ??
3.apples are red -541 my eye swollen 927 fear of dark 368 ..then apple of my eye ??
4.number series 4 12 6 18 12 36 30... i remembered this much

Wants to Share yours interview experience ??

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