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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sapient Candidate Experience Must follow 23rd July 2016

Sapient has a very lengthy process for campussing. It has 3 steps:
1. Online Aptitude
2. Tech/Domain interview
3. HR interview
>Online Aptitude: It contained four sections.
English: There were 25 questions that had to be solved in 25 min. Questions were related to Error finding, Synonyms and Ant synonyms, Comprehension.
Questions were not too tough, if you are little bit well in English, you can solve the problems easily. Comprehension was on last.
Quantitative Aptitude: You will have to solve 25 questions in 35 min, You can refer to R.S Aggarwal book.
Hide quoted text: Questions were on Logarithmic, time and distance, pipes and Cistern, Time and Work, Boat Streams, Trains, Permutation-Combination.
Technical Aptitude: It also contained 25 questions to be solved in 35 min, Questions were related to C outputs, Pointers, C++, Sorting related to time complexity, stable sorting.
Logical Ability (Reasoning): It also contained 25 questions that had to be solved in 35 min. Those were not tough, you can solve those easily. Questions were related to Blood relation, series, Directions, Sentences arrangement, Word arrangement, Statement Conclusion.
2) Tech interview. They asked questions mainly from Data Structure and C++. They were simple like Sorting(algo+program), Linked List, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, factorial. They also gave some puzzles like Tower of Hanoi, 8 Queen problem, no of squares. It was about an hour long interview. They rate every student out of 10 with overall cut-off 7 and cut-offs in both sections. It was quite easy and they were very friendly.
3) HR interview: It was very easy.they asked questions like * What will you do if you get stuck in some program?
* My partner and I were given a task. we both did it in different processes. What will I do then to solve the problem?
* How do I update myself?
* They also asked about projects and VTs.
* They even asked to solve some reasoning questions like Complete dearrangement, no of squares.
They mainly want to see your approach to a problem and your willingness to learn. I got the job. Hope my experience will help you to get a job too.

Wants to Share yours interview experience ??

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