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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

IBM Latest Drive Candidate Experiance

Please follow the same and prepare well! It will help u alot.
You guys should do the same when u attend or clear the round u should share the process and knowledge.
First of all, please all you get refered and registered for IBM drive as soon as possible because last date of referaal
is today only (5th of september) and no one without getting an
invitation letter from IBM will be allowed to give the exam so kindly get referred as soon as possible by IBM employee.
The test date is expected to be between 17th sep to 19th oct, so
you are having enough time in your hand to get prepare.
Few important point to keep in mind for those appearing for ibm drive ...
The most important thing is that if you cleared the apti round then
think that most of the task is over because they rejects 70% of the
students in apti only so prepare very well for the apti.
The question of apti will be very easy 18 series question and 18 analytical quantitative(mainly from speed time and work, profit loss, ratio proportion).
second most important point is there will be automatic timer for each question.
You have to solve each question within 2.15 minute else the question will
skip after this time and no longer you can answer it so be prepared with the time
Third important point is there will be no negative marking so you need to attempt all
question in given sort of time.
Fourth point is IBM is following same pattern of question from
last few years so you will get approx 80% of same question from
from previous placement paper only. so kindly go through indiabix, m4maths.
Trust me the question pattern will be very very easy if you once get
familiar with it so kindly practise before going for the exam.
_________QUESTION PATTERN__________
In first round there will be 36 question divided into 2 section 18 each. The first section will consist of 18 series question and next section will consist of 18 basic
quantative (mainly from time distance, profit loss, ratio proportion).
Series Question will be like this...
1. 1,3,3,2,8,10,3,4,12,4,8,?
2. 8,0.5,16,4,15,0.3,50,4.5,6,0.2,30,?
3. 5/6,1/3,1/2,1/2,2/8,1/4,5/6,1/6,2/3,1/2,1/3,?
4. 3/2,9/4,9/4,7/2,49/2,49/4,4/3,16/9,16/9,8/3,?
5. 2,6,5,14,11,26,17,?
6. 6,18,21,8,11,33,2,6,9,5,8,24,7,21,?
7. 9,4,16,6,36,21,441,?
8. 7,-35,-34,-3,15,16,4,?
9. 2,7,-35,7,12,-60,5,10,?
10. 4,3,6,5,11,10,19,18,30,29,?
For quantitative question will be like this...
1. If a person sells a product for rs141/- he suffers a loss of 6%.if he has to have a profit of 10%, at what price should he sell it?
2.Ronald and Elan are working on an assignment. Ronald takes 6 hours to type 32 pages on a computer, while Elan takes 5 hours to type 40 pages.
How much time will they take, working together on two different computers to type an assignment of 110 pages?
3.A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his averages by 3. What is his average after 17th inning?
Those who will qualify this round will be said to wait to appear for Second
round and remaining will be said to leave for the day.
Second round will be English assesment test where u will be given 20
basic english MCQ question which you have to answer in 22 minutes. The question will be like this..
1. active voice
2. Passive voice
3. Find error in sentence
4. Business letter
5.Which is the correct way to end a business letter?
7.ques on correct usage of comma
8.blue pen in signatures used to prevent photocopy (T/F) (ans is true)
After qualifying in this round you will be called for interview on any
expected date which will be so easy, they will focus mainly on
communication and basics of projects so you can clear it easily.

Wants to Share yours interview experience ??

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