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Thursday, May 22, 2014

HCL Paper

HCL Placement Paper-1               
HCL Placement Paper-2               

HCL Placement Paper-3               

HCL Placement Paper-4               

HCL Placement Paper-5               

HCL Placement Paper-6               

HCL Placement Paper-7               

HCL Placement Paper-8               

HCL Placement Paper-9               

HCL Placement Paper-10             


  1. am not able t download the paper.. y?

    1. if u want to download the paper....
      firstly click on download now button after clicking on it a new tab is open....
      in that tab find down arrow and click on it....
      then u can download all images of paper...

  2. Divas Nikhra bro,I have HCL exam on 30/10/2014. I want HCL papers through AMCAT, if any one have pls send to viswanathsrit@gmail.com


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