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Sunday, October 2, 2016

How to update profile in Naukri.com

#JUST_FOR_YOUR_INFO :- How to update profile in Naukri . com
#Note :- for Experience job seeker's i will post it soon !
#No doubt Naukri is not-useful for Fresher's but still some companies calling for interview ! SO IF possible follow these suggestions for updating your profile ...
In this image some field highlighted specifically which play important role for selecting your resume ...
1. Resume headline : IT should be describe properly!
2. Mobile number should be verified
3. Permanent address should be your current job seeking locations...Don't mention your permanent address!
4. Key skill :- Its one of most important field for any job seeker's so add maximum key skills ..
like for testing people " log4j, jenkins, ant, webdriver, selenium, sql, Manual Testing, Mobile Testing, Product Testing, Web Testing, Application testing, Automation testing, Data Base Testing, Mobility Testing, SDLC, STLC, Agile methodology, Quality center "
Apart from Please note the below points too
1. Your profile should be 100% completed .
2. If not having 60% then make it 60% min and update your profile in naukri .
3. If trained in any skill then Must highlight this in your resume Headline . Also worked in any project then highlight in the short .
4. Try to update every morning so your resume gonna updated on the top .
5. First page of your profile play an important role for shortlisting profile ..So use this image field properly !! (Y)
Still having any doubt then you can ask here !


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful post sir.Sir As u said in post If i make my percentage as 60% it won't be problem for my feature no?? bcoz i heard that if cmpny wil come to know that your % is not 60 but u put 60% in resume they wil put our name in black list..Is it true?..plzz reply
    Thank you

    1. Hi ,
      As I mentioned that make 60 percent in your Naukri profile not in your real resume this one is only for getting call from Naukri.com If you make more percent then you will get more chance to attend the interview.

      Once you got the call go with you real resume Don't try to write any thing wrong here. HR will consider your resume which you are having in your hand not Naukri.com Resume.

      And if you are having any future Query please feel free to contact me.

      Thanks and Regards
      Team CrackMNC


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