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Monday, September 19, 2016

Just for your motivation

#Just_for_your_motivation :- As a Job seekers !
being as Job seekers's you can ADMIT " As a Job seeker you are either struggling because of academic OR financially OR Emotionally OR all !
But If you are in BJS then these condition are useless or say waste! Because here you just need to get proper guidance proper info and proper preparation !
1st Problem : Don't have good Academic !
So what ? Now do you really feel i don't have 60% in 10th means i need to go back and write the 10th exam ? No right? Then just be a smart and follow our suggestion which i / we suggesting daily basis for getting perfect jobs !
Common YAR .......Many less % people already got a good job by xyz many tricks and tips so you can also do it .....! You don't need to worry !! Ok !
2nd Problem :- Financially !!
No doubt many people belong from poor family ..even i am from middle class family ! So what ?
You are already completed BE BTECh and all degree right ? for that your parents spent lot of money but still worrying i am financially challenged ? IF you are thinking like that then JOIN some supports job or any other jobs, so you will get enough money for your survival and parallel keep searching IT jobs or other jobs whichever you people want !!
Leaving job search or giving-up is worst part of our life..Just be passionate for doing something people !!
#I can understand not everyone born in rich family..but you can make rich your family by own proper decision !!
IT industry is industry where poor can be RICH any time ! Don't worry .!! Just keep improving yourself ........#Its your Life now...and keep trusting your family !!
They want to listen mera beta ka job ho gya .no matter kaha hua but ho gaya !
Even when i joined my first company as BPO i just told papa/maa mera job lag gya hai ..that's it .! Just feel them proud and then be on for getting perfect jobs by own hard struggle !!
3rd Problem : Emotionally !
Sach bolu to aisa koi problem nai but yes our lovable neighbour and relative families really don't want to see k yar iska kuch acha job lage n all ...........!!
just F)(*&*) them all and concentrate for your destination !
YOU are here because of your family support ...you don't need to worry kon kya bola rha ...you don't need to frustrate because iska job lag gya mera kab lagega and all
Bhai mere ......its IT world ........!! Companies not at all going to hire all people on shot !!
One by one daily people are getting placed somewhere !
#We all are here and we know the origin of job seekers !!
If possible just survive like anything then live your Life happily :) !

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