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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Core Java – OOPs Concepts: final keyword Interview Questions

Question-47: What is final variable?
If you make any variable as final, you cannot change the value of final variable(It will be constant).

Question-48: What is final method?
Final methods can’t be overridden..

Question-49: What is final class?
Final class can’t be inherited.

Question-50: What is blank final variable?
A final variable, not initalized at the time of declaration, is known as blank final variable.

Question-51: Can we intialize blank final variable?
Yes, only in constructor if it is non-static. If it is static blank final variable, it can be initialized only in the static block.

Question-52: Can you declare the main method as final?
Yes, such as, public static final void main(String[] args){}.

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